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The Rat

There are more species of rodent than all the other species of mammals combined. Rats and mice are the more successful rodents with more kinds than any other groups. The most common nuisance rats are the Norway Rat (also known as the Brown Rat) and the Roof Rat (also known as the Black Rat). They will go anywhere they can find food and shelter, which includes places in your home or business. Even though they look large, rats only need a hole the diameter of a quarter to fit through. Rats are big pests that come in small packaging. They frequently chew on items around them, destroying electrical wiring (and starting fires), chewing into air conditioning duct work, and even making holes in dry wall. They carry many different diseases including toxoplasmosis, typhus, trichinosis, and rat bite fever. Salmonellosis is also spread by fecal droppings from rats and mice. Prompt rodent control is important because rats and mice reproduce quickly having several litters per year, multiplying their population in a short time.

Do you have a rat problem?

What to look for:

  • Hearing noises; rustling in the attic, walls or crawl space
  • Finding gnawed wires or air conditioning duct work is a common way to detect a rodent problem
  • Seeing a rat crawling up into or under your home or business
  • Finding rat droppings is a good indicator of a rodent problem

Our rat removal services:

  • Trapping rats and mice is the most effective rodent control method, and the best way to remove them. Placing poison inside your home or business is never recommended because the rat or mouse can die in the attic or in a wall, or in the crawl space under your home or office, and smell up the entire property and require dead animal removal services.
  • After the rats and mice are removed, reoccurrence prevention is the next step. After the rats and mice are trapped out of the home and a full home exclusion is completed, poison can be placed in secure bait stations around the outside of the home in efforts to control the rat or mouse population around your property.
  • Animal repair and intrusion prevention services are recommended. Our professionals can assess damage caused by the rodents and repair holes or gaps and close off possible entry ways into your home or business, attic or crawl space. We can provide an estimate to assess the damage and required efforts.

Time it takes to remove your wildlife problem:

Each wildlife case is different, being only a single rat needing capture or a family of them. Animal Removal Jacksonville & Northeast Florida is devoted to resolving your problem in the best way possible. Our professionals are usually able to trap rats in a timely manner, but also may be able to solve the problem the first night. There are multiple considerations that can affect how long it takes to trap the rats.

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Wildlife Control Reviews and Testimonials:

Ryan Boyd and his staff at Quick Catch did a great job of closing my home up against rats and mice. Ryan's team came to my home, crawled through the attack and under the house to make sure every last space that a rat could come in was sealed tight. Thank you Ryan!
- Mindy Leishman

Ryan arrived within 15 minutes. He was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Ryan identified that this was a poisonous Cottonmouth snake and went to work. He grab the snake took him outside and took care of business.
- John Murray

I've known the owner Ryan Boyd professionally since 2013. His professional manner and work ethic as a business owner is highly respectable. He is prompt, courteous, and a pleasure to know. You can always count on Ryan to do the right thing!
- Jen Richter

Our Service Commitment:

We ensure our work is done properly to resolve the issue.

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