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The Rabbit

Rabbits and hares are swift creatures that bound over the ground in leaps. Their hind legs are long and powerful, and their front legs are able to withstand the shock of landing. Their long ears pick up sounds either soft or distant. They have puffy tails and average in size of two to four pounds and 15 to 19 inches long. Jack rabbits and hares differ from the other cottontails in that they are typically bigger in size and have longer ears. Rabbits may be cute and adorable looking but they can also be a pest causing damage in both your yard and garden, and in buildings on your property. They may enter a wall or crawlspace or dig under a porch to find a place for shelter and to bear their young. Rabbits often stay there for years, causing damage to the building and electrical wiring that could cause a fire and will reduce its value, and rabbits also create health problems, caused by their feces (droppings) left behind.

Do you have a rabbit problem?

What to look for:

  • Plant damage. Rabbits will eat randomly. Instead of ingesting the entire plant, they may only chew the flower or half the plant before moving to the next. Rabbits have a huge appetite for vegetables and flowers. Succulent tulips are one of their favorites but just about any garden vegetable or fruit and several ground cover species of shrub are all targets for hungry grazing rabbits.
  • Droppings around the suspected area. Rabbit droppings are round and small – looking much like a "Cocoa Puff" cereal.
  • Seeing the rabbit in your home or around on your property.

Our rabbit removal services:

  • There are many different ways of handling the removal of a rabbit. Allow our trained professionals assess the situation to determine the best way to handle your rabbit problem. We DO NOT recommend using poison. Some companies will use poison to kill wildlife and animals that are causing problems, but the animal will probably die in your home, and produce a horrible stench. Then the removal of the dead rabbit carcass will be necessary.

Time it takes to remove your wildlife problem:

Each rabbit case is different, being only a single rabbit needing capture or a family of them. Animal Removal Jacksonville & Northeast Florida is devoted to resolving your problem in the best way possible. In cases of an infestation it will require a diagnosis of the situation to provide an accurate time estimate.

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Wildlife Control Reviews and Testimonials:

Thank you Ryan for all your help! Ryan Boyd with Quick Catch came out to help me with a rodent problem. From the moment he answered the phone, to when he finished the job.
- Justin McCullers

Ryan arrived within 15 minutes. He was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Ryan identified that this was a poisonous Cottonmouth snake and went to work. He grab the snake took him outside and took care of business.
- John Murray

I've known the owner Ryan Boyd professionally since 2013. His professional manner and work ethic as a business owner is highly respectable. He is prompt, courteous, and a pleasure to know. You can always count on Ryan to do the right thing!
- Jen Richter

Our Service Commitment:

We ensure our work is done properly to resolve the issue.

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