Animal Removal Jacksonville & Northeast Florida

Licensed & Insured Wildlife Professionals


Our Difference

The Difference of our Professional Wildlife and Animal Services.

We have an  "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau for our Wildlife Removal business serving Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida areas.

We have handled small animal problems such as removing a snake or rat from a home and tackled larger scale wildlife challenges like controlling and preventing recurrence of infestations of raccoons and bats, and nuisance wild hogs and deer.

We are thorough in our efforts and aim to ensure we cannot only resolve the current problem but also prevent it from reccurring.

We Catch, Trap and Remove Nuisance Wildlife including:

  • Birds / Pigeons
  • Bats
  • Armadillos
  • Dead Animals
  • Raccoons
  • Rats & Mice
  • Wild Boar & Wild Hogs
  • Snakes

We do NOT catch Dogs or Cats:

If you live in Jacksonville, Florida and are having an issue with stray dogs or feral cats please contact the City of Jacksonville – 904-630-CITY or fill out the following form:


Our Service Commitment:

We commit that no animal will be able to enter after our exclusion service has been fulfilled.

Some of the Areas We Offer Nuisance Removal Service:

  • Ponte Vedra
  • Fernandina
  • Orange Park
  • Jacksonville
  • Jacksonville Beach
  • St. Augustine

If you are having an issue with a wild animal, animal infestation or need repair or an estimate on intrusion prevention services, contact us at 904-859-6585.


A Few of the Animals and Wildlife We Remove:

Wildlife Control Reviews and Testimonials:

Thank you Ryan for all your help! Ryan Boyd with Quick Catch came out to help me with a rodent problem. From the moment he answered the phone, to when he finished the job.
- Justin McCullers

Ryan arrived within 15 minutes. He was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Ryan identified that this was a poisonous Cottonmouth snake and went to work. He grab the snake took him outside and took care of business.
- John Murray

Ryan and his team were excellent to work with! We were having an awful time with a large boar destroying our backyard and discovered Quick Catch through various reviews and a recent news telecast featuring their services.
- Kara W.

Our Service Commitment:

We ensure our work is done properly to resolve the issue.

Call Us Today for an Estimate: 904-859-6585