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Nutria Control and Removal

The Nutria

Nutria are semi-aquatic animals, often brown, and their fur was once highly sought after. Nutria is actually a native of South America. These large members of the rodent family prefer to live in salt water shoreline mudflats and tidewaters. They grow to be approximately fifteen pounds and three feet long and may be misidentified as either a muskrat or beaver, especially when swimming. However nutrias are smaller than beavers, bigger than muskrats, and have round tails. Nutrias are easily identified by a white patch of hair around their mouths as well as by their bright orange teeth. (They can also close their nose and mouth while swimming underwater to prevent liquid intake.) Being from South America, nutria is not found in many other parts of the world and they are considered to be an invasive pest, causing a lot of damage to vegetation and wetlands. The nutria has devastated many acres of wetlands and has also destroyed eggs and nests of endangered birds. They also are the carriers of “nutria rash” or "marsh itch" caused by parasites strongyloides myopotami. The rash is the result of a nematode entering the skin and being attacked by the body's immune system. Nutria can also carry leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis and other intestinal parasites.


Do you have a nutria problem?

What to look for:

  • Seeing nutria on your property (which may also be beavers or muskrats, because they look very similar, but you should contact Quick Catch if you see any of these similar, destructive wildlife species on your property)
  • Burrows in pond banks, dams, and boat dock flotation materials

Our nutria removal services:

  • As with many other wild animals, trapping and removing nutria the best way to remove the nutria problem. Nutria trapping is best left to professionals. Live trapping is very successful for removing one or two problem animals. For a large population (also called an infestation) of nutria, lethal trapping may be the most effective means of removal.
  • Quick Catch has experience catching these animals effectively. Watermelon rinds, apples, carrots and potatoes are sometimes used as bait for catching these animals.

Time it takes to remove your wildlife problem:

Each wildlife case is different, being only a single natria needing capture or a family of them. Quick Catch Animal Removal of Jacksonville & Northeast Florida is devoted to resolving your problem in the best way possible.

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Ryan Boyd and his staff at Quick Catch did a great job of closing my home up against rats and mice. Ryan's team came to my home, crawled through the attack and under the house to make sure every last space that a rat could come in was sealed tight. Thank you Ryan!
- Mindy Leishman

Ryan arrived within 15 minutes. He was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Ryan identified that this was a poisonous Cottonmouth snake and went to work. He grab the snake took him outside and took care of business.
- John Murray

I've known the owner Ryan Boyd professionally since 2013. His professional manner and work ethic as a business owner is highly respectable. He is prompt, courteous, and a pleasure to know. You can always count on Ryan to do the right thing!
- Jen Richter

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