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The Deer

Deer are classified under the ruminant animal family (like a cow), having hooves (but deer have an even number of toes), and they chew cud. "Chewing cud" refers to the complex digestive process necessary for the large volume of vegitation these animals eat. From childhood Disney movies to grown-ups hunting deer for food, white tailed deer is the more well known of the deer species in North America. Unfortunaltely, they are a great nuisance due to their gluttonous appetite. Deer feed on a variety of vegetation, eating crops, trees, and often ruin nice landscaping. Deer are also responsible for the spread of Lyme Disease, because they are carriers of Deer Ticks.

Do you have a deer problem?

What to look for:

  • Deer feeding damage is readily distinguished from that caused by rabbits or rodents. Whereas rabbits or rodents leave a clean-cut surface, deer lack upper incisors and leave a ragged, broken end on browsed branches. Another indication is the height of the damage from the ground (up to 6 feet), which often rules out smaller mammals.

Time it takes to remove your wildlife problem:

Each wildlife case is different, whether the task is a single deer needing capture or a family of them. Quick Catch Animal Removal of Jacksonville & Northeast Florida is devoted to resolving your problem in the best way possible.

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Thank you Ryan for all your help! Ryan Boyd with Quick Catch came out to help me with a rodent problem. From the moment he answered the phone, to when he finished the job.
- Justin McCullers

Ryan and his team were excellent to work with! We were having an awful time with a large boar destroying our backyard and discovered Quick Catch through various reviews and a recent news telecast featuring their services.
- Kara W.

I've known the owner Ryan Boyd professionally since 2013. His professional manner and work ethic as a business owner is highly respectable. He is prompt, courteous, and a pleasure to know. You can always count on Ryan to do the right thing!
- Jen Richter

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