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Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal

Mortality is a fact of life for all living creatures big and small. The most commonly seen type of dead animal removal is that of a dead rat or squirrel in an attic or wall, often when the dead animal's decaying carcass causes serious odor problems, swarms of flies, or even stains on the ceiling or wall of a home or office. If you discover any deceased animal in your home we recommend immediate removal for your health and safety. After the animal dies, it starts to decompose which can attract other animal pests. Decomposing wild animals can also be the source of insects (such as parasites like tick and fleas). As part of the decaying process, animal carcasses support the growth of bacteria and molds which are hazards to anyone's health. The area where the dead animals lay needs to be deodorized and disinfected to get rid of the foul smell, pests, and the mold and bacteria. All of the parasites that were living on the dead animal also need to be thoroughly exterminated, before they find a new host (on pets, or humans). It is important to get the problem of having a dead animal on your property remedied before it leads to larger problems for your health or your property.

Do you have a dead animal problem?

  • You will detect a strong putrid smell. The dead animal could be under the building, in the attic, in the walls, or even in the air conditioning duct work. The awful smell will not go away until the dead animal is removed, or the dead animal carcass thoroughly decomposes (which could take months).
  • Flies swarm around an area of a home or business. When flies are seen flying all around an area of a home or business building, it frequently means that there is a dead animal in a wall, in the attic, or under the structure.
  • Pets or humans become infested with parasites. The ecto-parasites that once lived on the dead animal - fleas (which can transmit Typhus), ticks (which can transmit Lime Disease), mites (which can cause Scabies),and lice (which can cause Hair Loss) – look for new hosts, such as pets or humans.

Our removal services:

After Quick Catch Animal Removal of Jacksonville & Northeast Florida removes the dead animal, our technicians will look for signs that other wild animals may be present, in or around the home or business. Our professionals are trained and experienced in removing all sorts of dead animals from your home, your office, and your business. Common dead animals requested to be removed include dead mice, dead rats, dead squirrels, dead opossums, dead raccoons, dead foxes, dead coyotes, dead feral cats and dead armadillos, but our group also removes larger animals, like dead deer and dead horses and cows. If a family pet dies, we understand that it can be a very emotional time. Whether the dead pet is the family cat, lizard, dog, or even horse, our professionals will be very discrete and respectful, and remove the dead pet properly.

Quick Catch Animal Removal of Jacksonville & Northeast Florida representatives may recommend setting traps to remove any other wild animals that may create problems. When trapping is completed then we can do an animal proofing of your home or business. Any areas the animal was getting in your home or could possibly get into your home will be closed off. Ask your Quick Catch representative about getting an estimate for our animal proofing service.

A Few of the Animals and Wildlife We Remove:

Wildlife Control Reviews and Testimonials:

Ryan Boyd and his staff at Quick Catch did a great job of closing my home up against rats and mice. Ryan's team came to my home, crawled through the attack and under the house to make sure every last space that a rat could come in was sealed tight. Thank you Ryan!
- Mindy Leishman

Ryan and his team were excellent to work with! We were having an awful time with a large boar destroying our backyard and discovered Quick Catch through various reviews and a recent news telecast featuring their services.
- Kara W.

I've known the owner Ryan Boyd professionally since 2013. His professional manner and work ethic as a business owner is highly respectable. He is prompt, courteous, and a pleasure to know. You can always count on Ryan to do the right thing!
- Jen Richter

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